How to deal with the 5 most embarrassing things that can happen during sex

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Accept it – life has its share of embarrassing moments, so why should sex be an exception? You may have seen in movies that sex always occurs smoothly, but that seldom happens in real life. In fact, some unexpected things can happen during sex and these things can mortify you. However, do not let embarrassing moments get to you. Instead, learn how to deal with them and bounce back with panache.

  1. Making Weird and Strange Noises

Whether you are with your partner or with an Oriental escort, you should be prepared for your body or the other person’s body to emit sounds that can be embarrassing. Instead of withering away with embarrassment, make a joke about it and laugh with your sexual partner. In a moment like this, you will forget about the noises quickly and get on with the act! After all, that is important and not the noises your body emits.

  1. Falling in Your Excitement

Nearly everyone will have an anecdote to narrate about falling off the bed or hitting their head on the wall in their sexual frenzy and excitement. When you are with sexy and seductive Asian escorts in London, no one will blame you for your enthusiasm and excitement. So, if it happens to you, do not pretend that nothing has happened. It will make the situation quite awkward for you and the escort. Rather, it would be better you laugh with your partner about your excitement and that will smoothen the situation and let you get on with love making.

  1. Bleeding All Of a Sudden

Your Oriental escort can get her period, bleed due to rough sex or you may have a nose bleed. Life is such that anything is possible and you need to deal with it. Do not let that rattle you or the escort. While you can apologise for it if you are bleeding, take things in your stride as it is not your fault. Acknowledge the awkwardness and move on. Use it as a learning experience and make sure you avoid the same problem in the future.

  1. Having an Orgasm too Early, Late or Not At All

While you may want to orgasm in tandem with your partner, it may not happen. You can have an orgasm too early, too late or not at all. It is not such a big deal and you should make it into one. Find ways to help you last long or orgasm together. It could be using your mouth, sex toys or fingers to titillate yourself to an orgasm or enhance your sensuality. Experiment with different positions or focus on your personal pleasure if you are not climaxing. The key is to find what works for you and then stick with it. Berkeley escorts in London understand this and that is why they are in high demand. They make sex more sensual and exciting with their role plays, erotic massage and oral sex to ensure you climax every time with or without them.

  1. Do Not Shy Away from Talking About Safe Sex

Yes, it can be embarrassing to talk about safe sex just when you are ready and raring to go. However, it is for your own good, especially if you are with a new partner or with an escort. While Berkeley Asian Girls ensure that the London Asian escorts are healthy and undergo tests periodically, it is for your own good and safety that you should take discussions about safe sex seriously. The last thing you want is to contract an STD or give your partner one. When you talk about condoms and practicing safe sex, you and your partner will heave a sigh of relief.

Sex is fun, naughty and exciting, but it also has its embarrassing and awkward moments. Take these moments in your stride and laugh them off. That will help you enjoy safe and fun sex regardless of who your partner is.

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