How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

No matter how passionate your relationship is, you can be certain that after some time your sex life will get mundane and boring. You get into a routine of having sex and the novelty of the relationship wears off. That is why many couples try to reinstil passion into their lives by introducing sex toys.

If you feel that your sex life is boring and you want to make it more exciting, try introducing sex toys into your relationship. Here is how you can introduce sex toys into your relationship and take your sex life to an all-new level.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

There is no reason to be shy of speaking to your partner about sex toys. It is completely normal and natural to experiment with your partner as they are someone you trust and love. For all you know, your partner too has wanted to make the same suggestion but was too shy or afraid to do so. Just have an honest conversation about your idea and highlight the mutual benefits. You will be surprised by your partner’s reaction.

Introduce Sex Toys Any Time During Foreplay or Sex

There is no good or bad time to introduce sex toys when you are with your partner. As long as you both agree to the kind of toys you will be using, there is no definitive time or duration to use sex toys. Some partners may want to enjoy sex toys during foreplay while others may want it during sex to heighten the sensation. So, go with the flow and your partner’s need and you cannot go wrong.

Communication is the Key

If you want to have a fulfilling and gratifying sex life, communicate with your partner. That is especially true if you are trying out something new, like a prostate massage, anal plug, dildo, or vibrator. When you communicate, you can discuss sex toys with your partner and you can find out how willing they are to play with these toys. It is necessary to be open and overcome your shyness or embarrassment. That way, you will feel comfortable introducing a sex toy that is acceptable to you and your partner. It will also help bring you closer as you will understand each other’s expectations and fears.

How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Get the Details Right

Once you agree that sex toys can be made a part of your sex life, it is time to figure out the kind of sex toys you would like to use. Vibrators, clit suction toys, butt plugs, dildos, and cock rings are a few choices that you have. It can be overwhelming to choose one. So, be specific in your discussion with your partner so that you can determine what turns you on and which toys you are willing to try. That way, you and your partner will be on the same page and you minimise the risk of introducing a sex toy that your partner may not appreciate or like.

Enjoy Shopping Together

You no longer have to walk into a physical store to purchase sex toys. You and your partner can browse online stores together, read reviews by other users, and then pick up the product that you think is perfect for you. It will be a fun and exciting experience besides being discreet. This shopping experience will help you reignite the flames of passion in your sex life.

Use these tips to help you comfortably introduce sex toys in your relationship. Just make sure that you also purchase some compatible lube to go with your sex toys so that you have more fun, comfortable, and satisfying introduction to sex toys.

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